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Can This Guy Get Any Worse?

We are now over 4 months into this coronovirus threat. There’s still not widespread testing and no contact tracing going on in the US unless you’ve already infected others, and sometimes not even then.

People are being given totally different messages from authorities – it seems medical experts and educated folks are on one side and republicans in washington, anti-vaxxers, and trumpkins are on the other.

Stupid citizens are stuck in the middle. At least 80,000 dead americans from this already, and we are still losing 1k per day while this guy tries to convince us it’s all OK. It will just go away on it’s own. He claimed that 3 months ago and he claimed that 3 days ago.

Spongehead Orangeface

75% of victims are elderly and/or have underlying health problems. Many of them are also veterans. Remember when the politicians beat us up about “the greatest generation?” Trump represents the worst generation.

He dodged the draft. He insults war heroes. He visits 95 year old veterans with no mask. Fucking unbelievable.

Of course, wearing a mask isn’t to protect the wearer, it’s more of a courtesy to others in case you are a carrier. No surprise he wouldn’t understand courtesy to others.

He sits and does nothing as thousands of veterans die from Covid. Just yesterday, Pence suggested testing all nursing home patients! Yesterday! 4 months into it and Dumbo Pence has an idea.

We should have tested all our nursing home residents, Mike! It should have started on Feb.1 you d-bag! Would probably be finishing up about now, starting round 2.

Katie Miller (without mask) briefing reporters (with masks) this week. Miller tested positive the day after this photo was taken. She’s the 3rd known case of Covid-19 inside the White House, and married to a top Trump aide. Just today they decided to wear masks. Too late folks.

After suggesting that maybe the “medical doctors” look into injecting household cleaners or getting “light inside the body” – our idiot in chief stopped his daily tv show of ignorance.

At least 3 confirmed cases in the white house now. Trump still doesn’t wear a mask. Pence still doesn’t wear one, except that one time. But staff is ordered to wear them.

Trump is so stupid he goes to mask factories without a mask and touches the masks getting ready to ship out. I can’t write stuff this stupid!

The silver lining, and it’s barely that, is that Trump might sink to such a level of incompetence that even he realizes he lost the election. Even his most moronic supporters might have had enough of this clown show as their jobs dry up and no more checks are coming from the government (amazing how fast they gave into that socialism!).

Would it take WWII levels of death to finally jump off the Trump Train?

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! (version ?). Trump’s latest attempt at WINNING goes like usual – total failure with big signs. I’m sure you can figure out that we don’t lead the world in testing, We aren’t even in the top 10, per capita.

Remember the saying everything Trump touches dies…. ? Scary times. I haven’t touched him.

There’s whispers that the republican senators are finally starting to see that he might take them all down with him.

The groundwork is being laid for a Trump loss. The republicans that are left hope to outlive him. Crash the economy, balloon the deficit, get into a bunch of bad deals… then blame it all on the democrats and China.

It was the Governors, Joe Biden, Obama, Comey, Hillary’s emails! etc.. Blame blame blame. Pay no attention to all his collegues and “protectors” sitting in prison. Ignore the fact that boring Joe Biden is beating him while hiding in his basement.

Try to forget (again) that the economy always seems to crash when republicans are in charge.

Donald John Trump says he’s the worst treated president since Lincoln. Maybe he’s right. But he can’t face the reason he’s right – he is the worst president ever, and it’s not even close.

The media and the citizens of this country have been easy on him. I think in many other countries he would be dead, or at least ignored – or he’d be king, and dead soon after. He is presiding over a major degradation of the United States of America.