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2MERICA: The Travels of Crooked Lip Jack – Behind The Music

The 4th 2MERICA LP has been released and is available worldwide. It’s titled The Travels of Crooked Lip Jack. Search and save it on your favorite music service.

I consider this record a Light Fog Travelogue. As you flip the channels late at night you are presented a tale of our protagonist and his achievements and failings.

Cover of 2MERICA LP 4: The Travels of Crooked Lip Jack

1 – Northside Dock 340 A – Every story has a beginning. This one starts in the early 1970’s. The failing industrial heart of america. Dirt everywhere. Veterans running wild.

2 – First Night In Athens – Grow young man, grow! Look everywhere – the harvest is abundant. Actually knowing nothing.

3 – Fingers & Toes – Standing naked and alone, stripped dry, until you feel that tingle again.

4 – Crooked Lip Camelot – Juice up every Friday and Saturday night. Saturate oneself with the power of people. Smell the dirt before you lay on it.

5 – Skislevich of Cracovia – The distant past becomes the present. This track was done almost entirely on a Casio SK-1.

6 – Superliner Bounce – There’s only one way to travel – west. Quietly. In the middle of the night.

Locations: This record was tracked at several of our previous studio spaces -the early tracks were started at the Flux-adel Underground, production continued at Compound Sound, and then recording was completed at RedRoom Studios. The final mix and release was completed at Backyard Bear Productions.

The neck is still broke.

Fred Blassie
Digital Back

Written, performed and mixed by Ezraz Jones for Flux-adel Dreams. Mastered by FF Bookman using Abbey Road CloudBounce. All tracks ©2020 Collinwood Sun Music.

Listen for the Cameo: Marvin the Mastiff

2MERICA: The Travels of Crooked Lip Jack is available worldwide on Spotify • Apple Music • Amazon Music • Google Play • YouTube • Your Music Service!