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Welcome to – 20 years of internet goodness!

We started in 1998 as a no-budget music webzine, independently-published every month and full of original content covering the funk music world, fully written by volunteers. It was a glorious old school dial up internet fiasco, with way too much hand-coding and image scanning.

By 2001 traffic had grown to over 5,000 readers a month and our message board The BoomBox was full of great music-related discussion threads. We had several editorial sections, monthly features like staff picks, and long feature articles. This site was a ton of work to publish but really was great experience playing internet pioneers.

In 2002 the site switched to an early social format, where each user had a profile and individual features as they browsed the site. This version never took off for us as myspace and it’s many clones sucked away most of the fun and traffic. Spambots also took over around that time, registering and posting garbage everywhere.

So we sat out a few web crazes and the domain laid dormant for a few years (2005-2008). During this time Ezraz did more music production than web programming (see links to Flux-adel, Freekbass, 2MERICA, Roaming Crazy,, Winnie Rose, etc. for examples of his work).

But oh yeah, will never die. The funk supersite from 1998 was resurrected in 2008 as a straight up blog so you can browse, subscribe, comment, share, even retweet if you want, on all kinds of platforms.

Our focus is still mostly music, mostly funk, some tech, some politics, some humor, but all WFNK. We aren’t scared of the future we are building just cautious.

And we still are not on Facebook so you can’t like us, too bad.


We have learned more steps than we have lost. We have been an ad-free music and entertainment site for 20 years now. All free all the time. Only the strong survive.

And yes, I am still raz at

(last updated 2018)