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Is Melania an Illegal Alien?

There are so many scandals and lies from Trump Inc. that this one might have gotten lost in the mix. My Trump University journalism degree is really getting some work! Both of them.

Is Melania an illegal immigrant? She currently is a naturalized citizen, no one is doubting that status, but did she obtain that status through fraud?

There’s info out there if you dig. Some of it is on, much of it on other sites. I’m not going to make a page of links, you can do your research and come back to discuss or correct me.

She’s reported to have been in the US in 1995, doing nude modeling in NYC for a French photographer. The pictures were published in a French magazine. There are also reports that she was paid $20k for modeling gigs in NYC in 1996 but it was not reported.

Melania, posing on Trump’s plane. Classy.

If so, this is illegal. She would have had to report the wages earned in a foreign country.

During these years she was on annual work visas, employed at a NY modeling agency owned by a friend of Trump. It was reported that she then applied for a green card based on marriage, but she didn’t marry Trump until 2004. Who else was she married to?

Her spokesperson back then (she had a spokesperson back then?) said he misspoke, and that her green card was not from marriage, but was self-sponsored.

Also during the work visa years (1996-98) there are reports that the modeling agency she worked for did double duty as a call girl service provider … aka she could have been a whore, one of several in this agency that were made to provide companionship to rich clientele. That report came from an old friend in Slovenia that heard from her in the 90’s.

In 2001, after hooking up with Trump, Melania was granted a visa for special talents called an EB-1. Nude models don’t usually get these visas. In fact, models don’t usually get them at all. They are for scientists and brilliant people the US wants to claim as their own.

When applying for this visa she would have been legally required to list all of the times she was in the country, and if she did any work on those visits.

So something doesn’t line up there.

Either, she was not paid for the nude pictures in the 90’s, was not a prostitute, and honestly reported all of her visits, doing nothing illegal …. or …. something was fraudulent.

Also, to get an EB-1 she would have had to prove to the government using a mountain of paperwork that she was someone of exceptional talent in her field, at the top of her profession, and in an essential role. She had some success in catalogs and ads but was not a top supermodel, ever.

Perhaps, as her democrat immigration lawyer hired after obtaining her visa claimed, she’s just a very unusual case and all of her paperwork is correct and legal. The rumors fly but it’s hard to produce real evidence. We don’t know because she’s chosen to keep it private. Of course.

I love how the where’s his birth certificate? people won’t provide a shred of documentation for anything.

Everything Trump did before 2016 argues against everything he has done since

But if she was paid for work in the US and then didn’t report that, she should not have been granted that visa. If she was a high priced hooker she couldn’t get a visa. In fact, it’s hard to believe she got a special talents visa even if she is as she says, just a poor girl from Slovenia who made it in the big city.

Thoughts? Sound off below. If someone audited her file and determined fraud, what happens? I’m not sure. Does she get sent back to Slovenia? Who has access to those files?

What if they discovered Trump aided and abetted the fraud? What if they had proof of other women in the same scam? Is that sex trafficking?

Wonder what Melania Knauss is hiding, and if after all this she will come clean.

Not photoshopped.

Then there’s the case of her parents…. her dad might be in the KGB. Fun. That’s for another time.