decades of fun

Keep On Grinding

2MERICA is a strange project. I don’t promote it in any mainstream way but I concentrate on publishing a record and continuing it’s existence. A few times it’s been a nearly full band of maniacal musician geniuses I call El Skorpions.

Most often the convoluted jams are personal collaborations with those same shy & busy geniuses. Occasionally I go it alone.

The fifth LP is titled On High and it is available today or very soon on most platforms.

It’s the first one since I moved west, away from my crew and fam. It’s the first one created (that you are hearing) since losing Lo Cro. I am proud of it’s tone amongst that lost.

The first single is track 3 – Visions of Pink Damon. It’s Baby Yoda’s JAM and it’s lyric is Keep On Grinding. It represents climbing, working, 2020, the modern world, the past chasing us, the out of body experience we are all sitting in right now.

Just keep paddling. A much better future is on the horizon.

I’m very proud of this release and I hope you enjoy it.

On High is also the first 2MERICA LP released in high-resolution! Finally! This has been a 20 year quest for me…. Long Live Pono! Praise to Neil Young! If you stream from Amazon you can get the 24/96 version, or whatever is the highest your playback system can handle.

I love that. That is the master quality that I worked on. You can handle it, you dirty consumer.

How many panels over the window?

Even iPhone listeners should appreciate this. Mine does 24/48 and it sounds pretty good. You still have the radio interference but far more range and detail at 24/48, even on a phone. I was happily suprised to be wrong re: my doubts about hi-res to mobiles.

Hear My Pixels
Hey beautiful

Plus the music player client seamlessly moves to mp3 quality (10% of the data) if you need that for various reasons. I’ve had very few dropouts mid-song but in traffic I have noticed it will drop to lossy on maybe 5-10% of the songs. This of course totally depends on your use and network, etc.. You can also force it to use lossy.

Haha I was just thinking about all the low-res vs hi-res arguments I was in from 2010-2018 ..A/B tests, pono snakeoil, that kind of stuff ….. No, I don’t usually notice when the player goes into lossy mode. Audio is more subtle than visuals, as expected.

It has happened once or twice, where my ears told me something was crackly or shallow or small/distant when it should have been bigger, and it was indeed streaming mp3.

But the basic enjoyment of knowing i’m in hi-res unless the player needs to step down maybe 1 in every 12 songs lets me relax and drift into the music. A small bit of mp3 in that mix hasn’t distracted me at all.

Ooooh. Ultra HD! Very ultra.
That’s some 24bit goodness right there. great the apple embed doesn’t work. Still not live on Spotify. Feel free to post proper links if you see it somewhere.