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Tha Cop(s) 2020

Here’s the new video for the classic 2MERICA song Tha Cop(s) updated with 2020 scenes. The summer of 2020 has been like no other. Even though this track was written during the W Bush Iraq war, the themes translate so well to now.

Please let this Trumpian nightmare end soon. He’s talking about a 3rd and 4th term and becoming king for life. But I don’t think he’ll even get a 2nd term.

He’ll be lucky (rich) to stay out of prison.

Trump Inc. is a criminal organization. Proven by several state attorney generals who are getting blocked at every turn.

In the 20th century, Trump Inc. grew by profiting from racial strife. If it couldn’t find it, it made it’s own. They have hired actors to lie on their behalf. They are doing the same now.

Don’t believe the hype? Antifa doesn’t even exist. It’s a code word to scare you. It really means anti-fascism.

Why should you be scared of anti-fascism? Facism maybe?