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Trumps Badness Is All He Has

So much has been posted at sites like and plenty others on the absurd amount of horrible things Donald Trump says, does and did. Much of this was known BEFORE the election.

Amazing, right?

He was clearly elected by a racist minority of this country and has done nothing to move outside of that base.

As long as he’s owning the Libs nothing else matters to his followers. His daily lies? Next. His threats against American companies? Next. His cozying up to dictators? Nothing to see here. His nepotism run wild? Not a problem.

His 65% disaproval rate? Fake news. His sexual predator lawsuits? What was that? His tax returns to start to unravel his criminal enterprise? Snore.

The fact that more of his hires are in jail than still in office? Their fault not his.

Then there’s this constant refrain of Deep State, aka anyone in the federal government with enough authority to report his crimes.

The conclusion as to why he still has any support at all?

Russian bots.

Let’s give them some music to index

Haha that is a reason. But not the only reason.

It’s because his people love that he’s mean. They love that he’s terrible. They revel in his incompetence because, and only because, he is rich.

It’s the only real god they pray to – the god of greed and getting rich.