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Impeachment Watch

Derp in Chief. He’s got the materials.
He admits his crimes in plain site because his followers don’t care.

What will it take to end the latest and biggest Trump Inc. con? Only 20 Republican Senators, that’s all. But faith in Republicans doing the right thing is so low that no one believes they’ll find 20 of them to stare at reality (TV) in the orange face and end it.

All we need them to do is perform their oath by giving President Donald John Trump a fair trial for his alleged crimes against the Constitution. Many of them were against him before they sold their souls to the orange bully.

This is the crew could end Don the Con. Cancelled. Fired.

The New Yorker

We know that Everything Trump Touches Dies. His MO is to run up debt and kill the host as he’s sucking it dry. Use racism and division to sow chaos as you steal all the money.

Of course under Trump our national debt has skyrocketed. This is his basic premise. He is now attached to our country and he must be stopped before the host dies.

We Are Not Alone

Over 700 American Historians Call for Trump Impeachment

More Than 500 Law Professors Sign Open Letter Supporting Impeachment

Will the Senate agree? Contact your senator and let them know how you feel. Links to their sites are provide. These are the Republican Senators that could end the tyranny of idiocracy.

Our list stands at 14…. we need 20 to actually get rid of the guy, but even as few as 4 of them could break the GOP’s lock on the rules and get into a real examination of the evidence.

Senate Republicans Are Bathed in Shame: There’s no “impartial justice,” just protection of Trump at all costs – NY Times

What does Don Drumpf have to lose? Everything. He is no longer exempt from all the legal charges against him if he’s fully impeached. He can claim to be above the law as president, but that false argument loses more steam if he’s a private citizen again.

Senate Tracker

Lisa Murkowski – Republican – Alaska
Why: She regularly defies Trump on big issues

Martha McSally – Republican – Arizona
Why: Re-election in a slightly purple state from this Air Force Veteran who used to stand up to Trump before completing parroting him

Cory Gardner – Republican – Colorado
Why: Re-election in a purple state

Marco Rubio – Republican – Florida
Why: Personal insults from Trump and claims to be a Russian foreign relations expert

Joni Ernst – Republican – Iowa
Why: Has been critical of Trump on some issues

Pat Roberts – Republican – Kansas
Why: Retiring committee chair with influence

Susan Collins – Republican – Maine
Why: Moderate often goes against GOP, purple state re-election

Ben Sasse – Republican – Nebraska
Why: Has been critical of Trump on some issues

Rob Portman – Republican – Ohio

Tim Scott – Republican – South Carolina

Lamar Alexander – Republican – Tennessee
Why: Retiring

Mitt Romney – Republican – Utah
Why: Hates Trump and calls him out occasionally

Ron Johnson – Republican – Wisconsin

Mike Enzi – Republican – Wyoming
Why: Retiring committee chair with influence