decades of fun

Funkin Through The Quarantine

Get it on loud and proud. What’s stopping you from dancing around now? Dance like the world needs it. If you are wireless you have no damn excuse! 2020 #CantKillTheFunk #WorldWideFunk

I use WFNK Radio HD most the time. Works every time. Straight up or on shuffle. It’s always changing, growing, morphing, improving.

Straight up funk from around the world picked by a human DJ. From any era. Sound quality worth a damn. All good.

If you pay someone else for streaming…. check out Amazon Music HD. Similar prices, especially if you are already a Prime member, and lossless, even 24 bit files, and it packs a punch. Best sounding streamer, by far. All their clients have worked great for me.

Artists On The Air @ WFNK RADIO