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The Last American Fleet – A Restrained, Beautiful Masterpiece

The new release The Last American Fleet by Winnie Rose is really unlike any album I’ve ever heard. It’s hauntingly beautiful narrative takes you into a trance as you contemplate the tale unfolding into your ears.

The soothing natural backdrops make it a one of a kind experience. Her piano explores immersive melodies. The twist at the end is for you to experience for yourself.

The tale starts here.

This album is best experienced in order, from start to finish, which is not too much to ask with the total run time of <18 minutes. The long-form youtube video helps tell the tale:

The Last American Fleet is available on all of your favorite streaming and music services. Add it to your playlist now! Download to save data costs since you will stream it again and again.

It’s also amazing at bedtime.

The Last American Fleet on Apple Music

Winnie Rose on Spotify