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Avoid Single Use Plastic – Roll With A Steel Bottle

When it comes to the environment, many people wonder what they alone can really do to help. Or maybe because convenience is king, they forget to make a good choice when out and about.

That’s why steel bottles are so important. Live and save green with one single choice.

Having your own steel bottle is simple. Basic. Cool. Way better than plastic. Also a super easy way to save money.

I discovered this a few years ago and I’m trying to convert everyone to owning them. I love them so much I insisted we carry them at

I’ve probably SAVED 5,000 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream since getting 1 steel bottle.

I’ve probably SAVED $7,000 not buying beverages at convenience stores since getting steel bottles for my family.

Yes, spending $30 or so on an empty bottle makes perfect sense, since you won’t need to buy another one for decades. $30 is 2 7-eleven stops. C’mon folks.

Tip – try to keep that cap on! Caps like to wander off.

This insulated stainless steel bottle is ready for a life of adventure. It has all the right features:

  • Double-wall insulation keeps your drinks cold or hot without affecting holding it
  • Top is standard sized 7.5cm if needing or borrowing tops
  • Width of the top makes it easy to clean inside
  • Cap is also a strong hook for securing to bikes/packs/whatever
  • Nothing dangling to snag or catch
  • Strong as steel… Double walled steel
  • Clean steel design goes with everything
  • Ready for decoration!

I like simple, old-school solutions. This is one of them. You can drastically cut back on your single use plastic waste, save money, and get one step closer to your dreams with your very own steel bottle.

OH my, almost forgot you get a discount code too.