decades of fun

Everything Scatter

Enjoy this colossal jam and rap from Fela that fits our current moment pretty well. So many screaming people on one side, so many screaming people on the other side. Everyone just shouting, nothing getting accomplished. Shit on everything.

One man come stand (ya ya ya ya ya)
Him say “Don’t call them like that” (ye ye ye ye ye)
Them be my people (ya ya ya ya ya)
Before you know commotion don start
Big trouble, big argument
Big fight, big everything
Commotion de go, commotion de come
Fight de start, fight de stop
Trouble de turn round and round

Amerikkka 2020 has been a year for the ages. We could really help ourselves by learning from Mr. Kuti right now.

“Music is a weapon of the future.

Music is the weapon of the progressives.

Music is the weapon of the givers of life.”

Fela Kuti