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Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night @ The Duck!

Northside Nights - Cleveland Music Night @ The Duck
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Cleveland, Ohio – May 19, 2010 – Looking to support local artists, multi-media and genre-jumping DJ Raz is launching Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night at The Duck Island Club on the first Thursday of every month.

EzRaz has over 15 years experience spinning records at clubs, on the radio, opening for bands, and has logged time in just about every form of DJ’ing invented. The common theme, he claims, is the community building and artist promotion.

“Spinning records used to mean a bit more, pre-iTunes. Having millions of songs accessible to mere mortals does not make everyone a DJ. But it does spoil us and to a certain extent, makes us lazy, when it comes to how we consume our music.

I hope to put all the tenets of DJ’ing into the Cleveland Music Night: promotion, spontaneity, and community. We want local bands to take part, to hand-deliver their latest tracks so we can give them a spin.”

There are no genre or year restrictions on Cleveland Music Night, so you can show up with requests or music of your own. If it ties to Cleveland we will celebrate it, promote it, and give it some spins.

“I’m hoping this will act as an incubator, or at least a sounding board, for local talent” says EzRaz. “Back in the day local DJ’s were a big part of local promotion. In most genres that is now history.

Plus, I’m hoping to expand my knowledge of the local scene. I guess not many DJ’s would take on an all-genre gig, but that’s  how I roll. There’s too much talent in Cleveland to let this void go unfilled.”

Artists, fans and street teams are encouraged to bring their tracks to the Duck Island Club, located at 2102 Freeman Avenue (off West 20th) on the first Thursday of every month, or email materials to

WHAT: Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night
WHERE: The Duck Island Club, 2102 Freeman Ave.
WHEN: 9-close; 1st Thursday of each month: June 3, July 1, August 5…
WHO: DJ Raz ? ?