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Name the Night


So I’m posting up on a Monday night here in the Northside. The spot is called the Duck Island Club, located between the West Side Market and Tremont, and we gonna get down with the get down every Monday until we can’t do no mo. If you are near the 216 in the good old U Skates of A this evening stop in and lend a hand. Strong cheap drinks and a nice patio round out the package.

For marketing, I wanna hang a theme on the whole thang, aka I need to name the night!
Hit me up with any suggestions… Plus I will be posting some playlists to give you a taste of what you might catch/miss.


DJ EzRaz live @ The Duck
Mondays on the Northside
The Duck Island Club
2102 Freeman, Cleveland, OH
Hope to see you tonight, or post up your requests if you are not in the vicinity ;-).