decades of fun

Books and Music – So much on the way

Yo humans
I’ve been feeling prolific
and proficient lately
got those legs pumping
ain’t giving up no ground.
So many opportunities
with so little cash,
so much fun to be had
makin the dash,
but I have big billskys
crying babeskys
swirling around.On I march
through thick and thin
living the best in the skin I’m in.
I borrow old song lines when I post
as a crutch, I know,
but my crippled ass is on a mission.
What can I say
I have no rhyme
but lots of reasons.

I have two books in the works
because I want to publish something beautiful
for the shelf
or the table or your bag:
-1 is a book of 2merica imagery and lyrics,
the other is a book of my writing
mainly poetry.
Both are in production now
but I have no firm timeline.
They will of course be for sale online.

Also, the next 2 tracks from Scherzo Elskorpion
are almost ready for mastering.
Like the debut “Never Met Tomorrow”,
they are full band let’s go all the way affairs
and I think you will dig both
“Keep Steady” and “Mass Entertainment”.

Now if I could only finish
the remaining 2 tracks
and put out all 5 on vinyl
I’d be the most happiest boy alive.
That’s a nice long term goal
please check with me on that one later.