decades of fun

Blogging From the Throne

i’m not on the toilet
but it’s a cool title
i read or think or sometimes plan to write while on the toilet
usually quick about my business
i now stay wherever my butt is warm for at least 5 minutes


ok enough potty talk.
it’s only relevant in that i spent my thanksgiving on said toilet
food poisoning forcing liquid bursts from all holes
moaning, groaning, hugging it and freezing
is this how i am gonna go out?
my old friends in the kgb laughing
shoulder dancing on my grave
did i say enough?

proud 2merican’s everywhere will receive a gift this xmas
the gift of music and effort
recycled re-edited reprinted for your consumption and provocation
album 2 is done and being printed now
album 1 will join it in our festive whino box set
complete with fancy words and images
ending 2006 with a papercut

as a special thanks to all who have
worked on-
heard of-
bothered with-
entertained notions of-
a real 2merican nation
2 of 7 and it ain’t gettin no easier
watch your mailbox elscorpions