decades of fun

Here Comes the G.O.A.T.

2 days from now we leave the archery
with the arrival of the goat
not the greatest of all time
but trying to be the best we can be
the rhythm section of life
ah yes the capricorns
spring flings bring winter gifts

i’m not studious or bored enough
to have an opinion on them all
but i’ve always dug saj’s and cap’s
reality based funsters
curious about this world

big propers and yelling outs
to jaimeson, old 7m himself
coming through this holiday season
helping to assemble the next 2merica salvo

if you’re an old friend, been down with 2m from the start,
expect a gift from us just in time for the winter blahs
soon enough everyone will be able to hear/get/own/destroy
a copy of our 2nd album ‘Sensors&Switches&Buttons’

that’s all for now
[insert witty juxtaposition here]

ezrazmus razinski
c-town hussar
northside elscorpion