decades of fun

Whenever You Feel Blue, Take A Breath Again

Midterms have come and gone
Thank god someone else is paying attention out there
Where the hell were you in 2004?
Now let the games begin…

The liberals will be blamed for losing a war
The war that they were opposed to
The war that they warned against
The war they said was unwinnable
and they will lose it by saying so.

Morons will talk of the lives wasted in vain,
not of the thousands saved.
Vanity caused their deaths
so i say save the undead!
Turn on the lights!
Turn on the pipes!
Open 10 home depots
and get the fug out of there. Simple.

Not much new to report from 2merica corp@ration…
got some parts to make our pink timebomb, want to do a promo kit along with digital release. But the elscorpions were too busy riding the spaceship
to get any work done.

ah!! too much movement!