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Junie Morrison Genius Appreciation Post 02/19/2017 4:58pm - posted in Current Events, Entertainment - Rest In Peace Young Man, only 62, and gone already. 7 months after losing Bernie Worrell. Then there's Bowie. Prince. Wow what a run of bad news for music lovers worldwide. I have been one of Junie's biggest fans since the day I was born. I was coming into the world as he was leaving the Ohio Keep Reading...
Is Trump Psycho, Or Is His Narcissism Too Mean To Be Crazy? 02/19/2017 1:42pm - posted in Current Events - Trump's mental health?  Does it affect the safety and sanity of our nation? We know he's a serial liar. We know he is perhaps the most narcissistic person on the earth. What we are trying to figure out now is WHY he is like this, and what to do about it. “He can, and should, be Keep Reading...
Derps Crack In The Face Of Nonsense 02/18/2017 6:01pm - posted in Current Events - Derp. FoxNews having to report on the Trump administration's war on logic, and the press that attempts to determine it. https://youtu.be/H8C5E4geDzU I expect you won't see that dude on Fox for very much longer. I bet they are hiring his replacement right now. Crazy times, folks. Educate yourself and protect your family from the trumpiness Keep Reading...
Marvin The Mastiff Playlist #CuteAF 02/13/2017 4:39pm - posted in Entertainment -
Vamo! 02/10/2017 10:41pm - posted in Entertainment - Great band https://youtu.be/JS4JJuTQ2OY
Man Doing Machine 02/10/2017 2:59pm - posted in Entertainment, Music & Sound Tech - This track was originally composed with a drum machine on overdrive. Great programming. Look at this bad mother rocking it out on drums. Stick around for the end! https://youtu.be/t0oVYOasapg
Trump Verses Nordstroms 02/09/2017 3:50pm - posted in Current Events - In yet another example of why this maniac should not be in the oval office - the president of the united states just attacked a major US retailer for not carrying his daughters purses and shoes. The retailer shuffles brands in and out all the time based on sales performance. Guess what? Trump isn't selling Keep Reading...
When You Grow Up 02/08/2017 1:41pm - posted in Entertainment - When I grow up I'm going to be a famous music producer. That didn't happen, but lord knows I tried. What about you? Try, try again. Make it happen. Make it so. Enjoy some 2merica, relevant as ever in this idiotic times. https://youtu.be/T1aBQYjkS_w  
Dumb vs Smart 02/07/2017 10:21am - posted in Current Events, Music & Sound Tech - It seems in many ways dumb devices are better than smart devices: Why? Security, privacy, and quality. Anything with a network connection can be hacked: smart TV's, cars, streaming boxes, appliances, routers and every other smart device, or IoT device, have all been hacked. Anything that gets a software update can get hacked. That's called a backdoor. Keep Reading...
FuckTrump.com owned by Donald Trump 02/06/2017 5:45pm - posted in Current Events - Donald owns hundreds of anti-Trump domains. He's used to being hated. He's used to buying his way to popularity. He's used to controlling the narrative. So a couple years back he decided to buy up most of the anti-Trump domain possibilities. But there's still a few he still doesn't own. like CreepyRapistMillionaire.com or WreckingAmericaFromInside.com or Keep Reading...
President Trump’s First Victims 02/02/2017 3:06pm - posted in Current Events - Our moron in chief can now issue orders to the military. And he did. And it was a disaster. Mainstream media will ignore this, being totally pistol whipped by Trump's white house. This is disgusting and real. America has a madman as president.
Just Laugh If You’re Mad 02/02/2017 2:44pm - posted in Entertainment - Get a tissue you will need it soon https://youtu.be/1w8n0L3uUCE
Busy Earnin’ 02/02/2017 11:18am - posted in Entertainment - 12 million views and counting, great song, don't sleep! https://youtu.be/BcsfftwLUf0
Original Roots 02/02/2017 9:28am - posted in Entertainment - This is how you used to find real underground stuff -- random unmarked reels of tape! Enjoy their find. https://youtu.be/IF_BVhHRT54
Ohio FUNK Finds New Home 01/31/2017 6:05pm - posted in Entertainment - Share and add videos if they fit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQohGcbsO6jNnxHlpaq9Lr6OSdtap3Xxn&jct=m9s2GeRq4V21zrDPEERp1sfkn9oLeg
Turn To Stone 01/31/2017 3:44pm - posted in Entertainment - The legend Joe Walsh with his mid-70's swag https://youtu.be/IAQy1XtFcSM This song is what I feel about my country right now, as the crazies take over.    
Landed On Me 01/30/2017 12:30pm - posted in Entertainment - Count Basie and his boys live in 1958. Dat's how you do it! https://youtu.be/FFTrHk8PRDw
I’ll Never Get Enough 01/30/2017 10:27am - posted in Entertainment - Great band from the 80's-90's - Faith No More. This was the debut track from their biggest selling LP: https://youtu.be/PGJpQ519RBM    
Here To Gardenia 01/29/2017 9:28pm - posted in Entertainment - Whatchu want? https://youtu.be/6T9qzicML0c
Gutfest 01/27/2017 5:41pm - posted in Entertainment - https://youtu.be/-blXTZ6qQZo
Hotter Than Ever 01/25/2017 3:03pm - posted in Entertainment - Been wondering lately https://youtu.be/xJqXpbDAQq0
Flyy 01/25/2017 2:15pm - posted in Entertainment - Take da funk off https://youtu.be/9ZdtQ_eCNmo
Silly 01/23/2017 10:38pm - posted in Entertainment - you can't trump the funk https://youtu.be/9FryoYYU4sw