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President T Is In Check

Maybe not checkmate yet. He still could fire Mueller and attempt to bury the whole lot of it.

I think a few lunatics would still support him. The true crazies, maybe 20% of the voters. Luckily not enough to elect him again.

So the real question is when will the republican senate majority finally give up on this con man?

The Senate is now Trump Inc.’s sole protector.

I think Mueller played President T hard.

The theory I’m into at the moment is that Mueller fed false shit to Manafort, knowing damn well that Manafort was leaking illegally to President T through the lawyer privilege (as gangsters always do).

All while waiting on T’s written answers.

In come T’s written answers – based on the false shit and containing the same lies that his attorney Michael Cohen had made to everyone publicly up to that point.

Mueller has his statements of lies by President T. Signed and dated.

He pities the fool.

He makes his move.

Three important things happened today, the day before President T was flying to meet personally with Putin in Argentina (the only private way to communicate for those two).

1 – Michael Cohen pled guilty to lying about T’s russian business dealings, including moving Putin into the penthouse of his future T Moscow Tower to extract billions in rent from russian elites and politicians. DURING THE CAMPAIGN. Mr. T repeatedly lied about this.

2 – Deutsche Bank, literally the only bank in the world that will loan the crook T money, had it’s offices raided by German officials. They are investigating international tax fraud, and their findings will be completely gettable by the new democratic house. Soon enough, we will learn about T’s Deutsche bank dealings and all the millionaire russians and saudies already compromising President T.

3 – The accounting office that did President T’s taxes for years was raided by the feds early this morning. No more information there, other than hmmm……

Now that’s a day. Even in the world of President T.

After screaming at the press he cancelled his meeting with Putin.



It could be Trump Jail 2020.

It is already Many Are Getting Arrested #MAGA

The Trump crime operation is in jeopardy.