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Cavs Own The Raptors, Part III

Welcome to Lebronto!

Cavs are using the playoffs to get in tune, like usual.

Cavs had a tough out in the first round, as Indiana game-planned perfectly and disrupted everything the Cavs were trying to do. Took them to 7 games.

The Raptors, on the other hand, “We The North” or whatever, have no clue.

They spent all year talking about how this year is different. They’ve finally figured a way to overcome the Cavs and Lebron’s mastery?  Nope.

They don’t double team. They don’t switch smartly. They don’t disrupt. They don’t invoke any fear on offense, barely making the Cavs work with their slow ball movement and low-percentage shots.

They single-covered Love with a smaller man all game. He made them pay.

The Raptors just suck at the really important things like enforcing their will, forcing teams to play their way, and winning big games.

The Raptors just suck in the playoffs, no matter their seed going in.

The dumb pundits picked this team to put out the Cavs? These boys are getting swept 2 years in a row.