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Trump vs Sports

What a fool. A racist. A divider. A heal. People voted for reality TV in the White House?

They are getting it.


Then the big slap down, on Twitter. King James

Lebron just called you a bum, Trump! What you gonna do about it?

Police brutality? Trump applauds it. He makes jokes about it.

Injustice? Trump loves it. A spoiled rich kid who does what he wants and gets away with it. Hated worldwide for his words and actions.

The comb-over creep who hates women – and I should know: British newsreader Selina Scott reveals how Donald Trump failed to seduce her… then stalked her for 20 YEARS

But no one can stop him. He is walking injustice.

His family got rich on the racial divide in America. They even helped sow it for profit.

Side note – you may have heard the Trump family started as the Drumpf family, but did you know they married the Christ family? Yes the Christ family, from Bavaria. Subsequently, several generations of Trumps had Christ as a middle name, including Don’s Dad, Fred Christ Trump.  That’s complex.

Like father like son.

Why would he act any other way?

A fool will always act the fool. His racist white base makes up about 30% of this country and he is giving them all the red meat they can stand.

But most of them are sports fans. Oops. Some of them used to play. Oops.

They also look up to money and give passes to anything shiny or said with conviction in simple terms.

See the problem?

The modern American professional athlete has the ability to out-Trump Trump. Don John better watch who he’s messing with.

We all know Donald is the classic childhood bully that didn’t grow up. He was rewarded for, and grew into an adult version of this same role.

Surrounded by enough lawyers and money you can stay that dickhead from 5th grade that would torment everyone around them.

Thing is, these are pro athletes he’s started a fight with. They possess 1000x the strength and conviction as any suit wearing soft person has in their best day!

These guys hit and get hit for a living. They don’t type and talk and maybe do a spreadsheet for a paycheck. They don’t use metaphors to describe bloodshed, broken bones and smashed brains.

They don’t sit in board meetings, they get hit by people bigger than boards all day and night.

And on the weekends.

Donald would crumble in fear if even touched by an angry pro athlete. Much less compete against one.

He’s all talk, like most bullies. You take him on, you punch his smug face, he crumbles.

Since Don’s security probably won’t let a young or large black man within 500′ of him, this will require Twitter skills or a messenger.

Imagine a white NFL player meeting Trump and squeezing his little hand while pulling him in for the NFL version of the Trump Handshake! BOOM!

That red odd shaped head would go galloping off the screen like a blown out tire!

Every other president was smart enough to stay away from sports, or admit to being a huge fan.

Never a critic.

Our fucking president ALSO said he thinks there should be more head injuries in football.

Think about that.

Pro wrestler in chief. The roman emperor-like bloodthirst.

The small man looking for his balcony.

The heal.