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On Mayweather vs. McGregor

Order has been restored to the universe.

Conner McGregor is the worst boxer I’ve ever seen in a professional bout.

Weakest punches.
Worst stamina.
No defense.
Worst stance.
No attack.
No pop.
Easiest target ever.

Just the worst.

As it should be, considering he’s never boxed professionally before.

The MMA guys and fans always insult boxing and boxers, knowing it’s harder than what they do. Anyone can fight, get their ass whipped, or whoop some ass. But only people highly trained at it can box for more than a few minutes. This is a the oldest sport we have, show it some respect!

Any guy from any boxing gym in the world with a pro fight would have given Mayweather more trouble than the big tattoo. Any boxer who’s 3-3 would have beaten McGregor.

Mac never hurt Mayweather. Not even close. I saw him try 2 combos and maybe land 1.  By the 4th round Mayweather was laughing at him and stalking him around the ring.

Here’s the 3rd round, a round many actually point to as advantage McGregor:

McGregor could only rabbit punch, tap like a kitty cat, and pound his fists down on the top of Money’s head. He has no ability to land proper punches with anything behind them. He’s touching Floyd for points, while money is watching and sorting out his ridiculous style.

He couldn’t get his hands above his chest by the 6th round. His desire to elbow and choke was obvious when they tied up. McGregor has no ability to move or react like a boxer.

Watch the 6th as Mayweather stalks McGregor and lands whatever he wants, since McGregor has no defense ability. MMA doesn’t block punches with those tiny gloves. Watch Floyd smile at him at 2:00. It’s go time:

Considering Mayweather went 49-0 by respecting his opponent, using superb defense, and waiting for a weakness to exploit faster than any boxer since Ali – it’s telling that he observed for 3-4 rounds then just chopped McGregor down.

You could see the lack of respect Mayweather had for McGregor. He just put his guards up and walked him down round after round once McGregor had worn himself out.

People claiming McGregor did good are trying to have it both ways. You either think he was going to be clobbered immediately, therefore credit him for “surviving” until the 10th, or you talk about how he stood toe to toe and was actually winning the first few rounds.

Here’s the conclusion. It starts with a good body blow by McGregor at the start of the 9th – maybe his best punch of the night – and it ends with Mayweather just unloading on him like a mad dad after an unruly 4th grader.

Conner won nothing other than that money. Lots of money. Tapping someone’s head isn’t a point in boxing. Conner was kitty-boxing for a few rounds while Floyd was prepping the big lumber.

Was it stopped early? Watching it the first time, I thought so.

Watching again and again, I think that ref saved Conner McGregor from serious head trauma. McGregor should give half his purse to the ref.

Mayweather was about to treat his head like the heavy bag, and you lose your marbles quickly when that happens. He had already punched him across the ring 2x at that point, all that was left was for him to fall, or prop himself up and receive a brain beating before enjoying his newfound millions.

Floyd, for his part, looked slower and older. He looked human. A real boxer might have bested him that night.

He’s smart to retire at 50-0.

McGregor? Enjoy your money. Welcome to the American dream. The genius marketing of Mayweather Inc, your motormouth, and racism made you a multi-millionaire.

Either get some boxing skills by hitting the gym for a few years and fighting your way up, or go back to the land of califlower ears. You are a horrible boxer and no, any mixed martial artist can’t out box a boxer.

Respect the original and best combat sport.

Besides, the real big fight this year is Glolovkin vs Canelo, coming up soon.