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Diabolic Personality Alert

Why does Trump resonate with people? Are they all idiots addicted to reality TV and insultingly simple answers to complex problems? Are they all xenophobic racists?

Just another billionaire in a trucker hat

I just can’t figure it out. It’s really scary how republicans will abandon their so-called principles to get behind whoever shouts the loudest.

Trump is a HUGE insider. His family has bought and sold politicians for decades. He is exactly the corruption that his supporters claim to hate.

Here’s Don marrying wife 2 of 3. Look at the smiles on those Trump parents. Damn that’s scary.

Trump was a HUGE liberal, generally supportive of the leftist, big government ways that are far removed from conservatism and liberty. He loved Bill Clinton and went to several Clinton family events over the years.

Trump is the ultimate limousine liberal. Conning conservatives is his most successful venture.

He has stood up for Hillary in the past. Yet Trump supporters won’t vote for Christie because he touched Obama.

Trump is a HUGE liar.  When you are donald you can say whatever you want to whoever you want, and have been doing that your whole life. Pointing out his inconsistencies makes him stronger because of his all-bully all-the-time mentality.

Trump is a HUGE charlatan because he’s a promoter more than anything else. None other than Al Sharpton called him the white Don King, using similar bombast and lies to gin up hype, then profit greatly from that hype.

Trump is a HUGE anti-Christian. Even though he’s attacking other religions, his daily life is nothing but an affront on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. He owns the temple and charges admission, and is putting up hundreds more golden temples all over the world to worship greed.

His avarice is legendary. He literally lives in golden towers and shit’s into a golden toilet. He shits on something worth more than your house.

Who lives like this? That’s an awful lot of contractors stiffed.

Trump is a HUGE bully. When he tells you you are stupid, and it can be proven based on how much money you have versus how much money he has – AND POOR PEOPLE AGREE WITH HIM we might be doomed.

Have some pride, poor white people! This is like MMA taking over politics, it’s terrifying. MAGA = MMA ?