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Music Business vs. Youtube

The battle for pennies is heating up. The 3 major record labels are supposedly fed up with Youtube’s lame attempts to monetize their content, feeling that Google, who owns Youtube and the entire ad network and search engine that drives it, has been less than honest about their intentions and more than willing to keep most of the generated revenue for themselves.

No record label supports free music, and no music lover should either.*


As Apple was prepping their streaming service they poured gas on the fire by trying to convince the Big 3 to pull their content from Youtube, even reportedly going so far as to offer them compensation for lost revenue.

The labels did not go with Apple’s plan but according to latest reports are continuing their talks regarding how to negotiate with Google, including a nuclear option where they pull their entire catalogs at the same time and make a big stink about it, leaving Google to act on either increasing monetization or going on without official releases.

Of course Youtube will continue to host all variety of bootlegs until they are taken down by the copyright police.

*Of course I’ll continue to link to free youtube stuff for your pleasure, hoping they soon work out their royalty problem. As always, I recommend you buy the music you love in the highest quality possible from stores like PonoMusic, HDTracks, and ProStudioMasters, and if the artist is still working then support their efforts monetarily as much as you can.

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