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Nice Look, Texas – The Tale of The Tittywing Massacre

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Love hooters? We’ll give you a peak!

Thousands of bikers. Hundreds of bimbos making money serving wings and other deep-fried chunks of food-like substance and alcohol to fat people. What could go wrong?

World’s worst daughter: Cans like that and she’s only made it to server-level whore?  btw My breastaurant will feature celery sticking out of the cleveage. Flair!

For $100 extra your “waitress” will apply the “bar-B-que” sauce with her “uniform” and sing you a little “song” about what a hot piece of man you are. Lunchtime!

Seemingly not a vitamin or a brain-cell amongst them. Bad music, leather, fake tits, pollution, total american ignorance in it’s full glory. Management was warned that there was going to be a biker war at their Bike Night event and they wouldn’t cancel/reschedule/work to avoid the situation. Money was there to be made.

You might need to shoot this guy 9 times to even get through to a functioning organ.


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Derp. “All these bikers started fighting like they always say they are gonna. I was so scared! I knew they wouldn’t save me over the skinny girls so I hid in the cooler. OK, they always make me hide in the cooler.”

Take a look at pictures: nothing but fat people, convicts, bimbos, morons, harleys, cops, and weapons everywhere. Sometimes in America it feels like that’s all we are surrounded by.

I just need some, tobacco, jerky and a 84oz soda, can I get to the Flying J?
“I just got some chew, jerky and another 84oz soda, why can’t I leave the Flying J, soldier looking policeman?”

No surprise Texas coined the term “breastaurant” and that these fine establishments proliferate in Texas and Florida. Also no surprise these shitheads would congregate in such a horrible place to do their deeds.

Cannonball Run didn't have cops with Machine Guns
Cannonball Run didn’t have cops with machine guns

The worst is some of the interviews with bystanders and other bikers — no emotion, no concern, just blank stares.  Meth is a hell of a drug.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.55.13 AM
I wish I could include the video of this guy’s description of the massacre. Just another day in what must be a terrible life. Allow me to paraphrase: “I was gonna go to that restaurant but someone told me people were dead everywhere. Gotta go to another restaurant now.”

I have known some bikers over the years, more the weekend variety than the convict type, and I have family and friends that identify with that community going back decades. I believe that 99% of them are good people that just want to be left alone to enjoy life, just like young black males and other persecuted groups in this country.

But these criminals at the Tittywing Sit-down proudly wore the “1%” patch announcing they were outlaws, and the one gang proudly wore what equalled a declaration of war on their jackets, so I think the ATF and Texas State Police should swoop in and arrest a couple hundred more of them. Sell those bikes & build some playgrounds for the kids.

Maybe try out some of that waterboarding on these guys, find out who’s bringing all the heroin and meth to the teenagers. You’d probably find out why we aren’t trying to stop that either.

Here’s how cops approach a white suspect at the scene of multiple murder scene. Notice the finger on the trigger. Notice the gun pointed down, not shooting first and then claiming to see a gun in his hoody, like other types when approached by the average cop. It’s cropped out, but this T-shirt guy had a handgun holstered too.

It’s very interesting the different response to 9 murders in broad daylight, in front of cops, when it is performed by white americans as opposed to non-whites. The media is also playing this completely differently, no big surprise.

There have been no national guard, no curfews, no talk of bad parenting or bad musical taste. I bet Hannity spent 2 minutes on it and blamed a single crazed individual for starting all the trouble. Or Obama.

Here’s a view of some of our criminals. Don’t stare too close or they might get you. I do wonder if you become evil when given a face like that, or if they start cute and over the years the evil, meth, and corn syrup warp their faces into that horror show.

Hey handsome!
Hey handsome! Hitler himself would have been embarrassed about all the SS tattoos on these degenerates.