decades of fun


“Anyone who looks closely at the inward nature and essence will find that nobody is further from true wisdom than those people with their grand titles, learned bonnets, splendid sashes and bejeweled rings, who profess to be wisdom’s peak.”  – Erasmus, 1515


NAILED IT, 499 YEARS AGO. First post?

I repost this nugget of wisdom from Desiderius for you internet travelers, reading reviews and arguments in comment sections about complicated topics. Please trust your own human senses over anything you read, regardless of the credentials or sincerity behind their argument. Put away the computer and use your ears, hands, beautiful big eyes, nose, and other senses to lead you. Trust in what was given you.

Also remember the internet generation didn’t invent any of this hot-air. After all, Desidirius named hisself that (stage name) and it literally translates to “the longed-for”. Take that Kanye.