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The Truth About Naked Selfies

If you take a naked selfie on a working cell phone you don’t expect privacy and you aren’t interested in privacy. I call BS on the crying for these latest celebrity hacks. It’s 2014 and we all know that there is no privacy on the internet, especially for the famous.

If you take a naked selfie and don’t immediately delete it after viewing then you want people to see it. You posed naked in front of a camera, probably more than once. It is meant to be viewed.

If you claim you were taking that picture for one person only – perhaps a person you are fuxing – then you can just pose in person and there’s no need for photos. To take, save, and especially send the image is to admit you want it viewed.

The exception to this is long-distance relationships. Real ones like military, work, college putting the distance between you and a spouse, not “internet dating”. The difference is clear when it comes to the sharing amongst friends – most guys will show their buddies the naked chick selfies sent their way, unless it’s their wife. That’s not shared because it’s legitimate affection.

If you bend over and snap that picture of your junk you want people to see it. You think you control who sees it but you don’t anymore. Don’t take the pic if you don’t want it seen.