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My Quick iTunes Radio Review

I gave iTunes Radio a spin for the last couple of days and it’s been pretty decent, as far as mp3 shuffle services go. Since it’s Apple we really don’t know the specifics on it, but to me it works a lot like Jango without ads with more bass. Also, each song played is available in the iTunes store, naturally, so you can purchase an mp3 immediately, or just favorite it in the stream you are building.

It’s ad free, that’s good[I heard my first ad, Macy’s national ad, very musical like FM rock radio style.] It allows you to pick the hits or explore more, so that’s good.

I put it on explore funk, based on funkadelic, and it’s doing a pretty good job keeping me entertained. You can pause or skip songs, but you can’t go back on them (unless you buy them of course).

Everything has album artwork but nothing else in the way of art or lyrics or info. No crossfades or segue logic. Performance as far as skipping and crashing has been flawless. Sound quality is the same 10% crap from Apple.

Overall it’s a nice first attempt but this is a crowded scene and it’s nothing special.  iTunes Radio is still just a shuffle service, but it’s a pretty interesting shuffle through the apple music store.