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Music Halo

This guy nails it. He nailed it 11 years ago and he nails it now. It’s the power of and passion for music that continues to drive our finest human accomplishments.

Apple showed that sticking to your passions and delivering your best possible product can eventually pay off.


People who dislike Apple’s style or politics have been loving those stock prices the last 10 years. Apple now pulls in more revenue from iPhone alone than the total of Bill Gates’ sad remains of a powerhouse’s entire product line.

The tables have definitely turned from the 80’s & 90’s in several markets. Apple’s support of progressive employment and corporate policies, while turning such a healthy profit, is finally justifying their stance.

Bottom-line really is the only justification in the corporate world.

So whether Apple maintains this lead or gets passed by the knock-off and bootlegs (again), their story this last decade has been an amazing ride.

That first iPod syncing to iTunes then going out in the world, white click-wheeling away with just our songs at first, then our calendar, then notes, then games, then phone calls and and and….. it’s been a wild ride.

I was at a meeting of non-tech people today and over 50% of the devices in the room were Apples. Crazy success story this iOS.