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Fanboi? You Are An Idiot

If you find yourself using the term fanboi or fanboy to attack people who buy Apple products, you are an idiot.

How does the name calling feel? Idiot.



I have used Apple products for over 25 years. Most bought with my own money, some bought by employers. Almost every one was excellently built and provided me with many years of hassle-free computing.

Year after year I watch coworkers fight with their non-Apple hardware, fight with their windows software, fight with their horrible tech support, and generally lose the individual platform argument with me. Many now use macs, pure switchers as they were called when they were rare.

Same with the iPhone. I’ve had 4 iphones in 5 years (1 bad unit – replaced in 5 minutes at the Apple store). They work consistently, day in day out, after getting dropped and otherwise thrown around.

I have produced songs on my iPhone. I have filmed and edited short movies on it. I’ve sat in countless hours of phone meetings. I’ve done 4 things at once on it for 5 years now.

Every friend I’ve had that attacks me with their new Android phone has a different new Android phone (and this one works!) the next time I see them. Some of the most vocal fandroids now have 4S’s and ask me if I have one (since I keep mine hidden away).

So am I a fanboi or some other derogative term? Because I buy products that perform well for me? No way.

You people are idiots for labeling happy customers a negative term. Look at Apple’s satisfaction ratings, their brand loyalty, their return rate, and their total cost of ownership. All stellar compared to other computer makers.


I have a name for people who label Apple customers something based solely on their purchase: losers. Justify your investment all you want, but don’t tell me that I’m getting ripped off or sold marketing hype.

Apple has made better boxes for many many years, and the only way you don’t know that is ignorance, or it goes against your agenda.