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Simplify If You Want, But Remain Accurate aka Obama Takes Out Osama

Of course we are all talking about, and adjusting to, the big news of the day.

66 years to the day the last boogie man got his, Obama ordered the strike that most americans have been waiting for.

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Gates, and other top military advisors watch in Washington as our troops covertly land in Pakistan next to Osama’s house.

I never wanted war with Iraq and I never wanted to pay for bringing Afghanistan closer to the 20th century. Just about every one of my friends who would identify as an american liberal believed the same.

The raw emotions of 9/11, the fear marketing perfected by Karl Rove and Fox News, and the general ignorance of world affairs suffered by most americans led us into this delusion that we can declare a military war on what is in effect a criminal organization.

You don’t use marines to fight the mafia. If you don’t understand why I can’t help you.

Since around 11am on September 11, 2001 I’ve been pleading to anyone who would listen that the way we must handle this is with the CIA and special forces.

The Bush administration shutting down the program that was tracking Bin Laden in 2006 had me in bad way, concerned that I truly was becoming a conspiracy nut.

The only reason I saw not to chase him anymore is that he was on our side, or something even more terrifying.

Again, a criminal organization gets pursued by law enforcement not military commanders.

Bush+Cheney+Rumsfeld said we can’t go into Pakistan solely because they are allies. Obama saw through that lie and had the balls to order American pilots to fire on Pakistani pilots if engaged. Luckily they were in and out fast enough to avoid that scenario.

So here we are. Troops were utilized properly. None were harmed. Intelligence worked. We lost a helicopter but no people.

The target was assassinated, the body recovered, identified, and ultimately disposed of in a carefully planned operation with an eye towards the future.

Obama truly has become the silver lining to the Bush-Cheney-Rove storm cloud. Universal healthcare is coming soon, most of the US auto industry has been saved from extinction, and now this. Keep going Barry, clean up this mess the best you can and we will continue to love you for it.

A version of the covert american helicopter that flew low and directly into Osama’s neighbors yard.

In the eat crow department – remember the heat that candidate Obama took for saying he would strike inside Pakistan if he had the shot?

Remember McCain, Hillary, Palin and every pundit jackass claiming this was absolute naivety?

Yeah well, eat it, Obama has more common-sense into the actual state of things in 2011 than anyone left on TV or the rest of the media.

Obama ended the sham of the Iraq war and turned our full attention to ending this game. Once the tip led us to this compound 30 miles outside of Pakistan’s capital, we studied it, we planned, we practiced, we said nothing to Pakistan or Britain or France.

With intelligence on Bin Laden’s property, special forces were able to train for the mission in real space. [simulated image]

Obama smartly rejected a plan to bomb the place to unholy hell — no evidence left and too much collateral damage on the ground and around the world, said Obama.

So the plan to do it right, with an identifiable corpse, DNA, confirmation, plus the very items he was living with at that moment in our possession now, was enacted by very smart and brave people. The plan worked, and while Obama pretended to have a golf outing the boogie man of the world got his.
Grandpa Osama in the bedroom scaring the crap out of half the world. Not anymore. Obama’s soldiers paid him a visit.

This was done following what most normal, sane, american citizens would do. No need to explain it to us, why it’s good or bad, we knew this was the only way to go well before the Iraq diversion.

I consider this a victory for logic over fear and a victory for rational decisions over ridiculous notions. If Obama doesn’t earn another 4 years for this I will be quite surprised and disappointed.