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Hurts So Bad

Sometimes you have to lose big to win in the end. Clean slate. Binge and purge. How low can you go? There is no tomorrow. It seems like it can’t get any worse than this:

The sun will come up tomorrow, tomorrow

I have to admit, it kinda feels right having the rest of the country mocking and simplifying our local issues again. ‘Lebron left and the rest of the team is horrible’ goes the line. Too bad that’s not really the truth.

This team currently has 2 players suited up left over from the Lebron years, and LBJ screwed them so hard with the way he handled his decision that it could take years to get back to being a contender.

There’s also the forgotten fact that there is serious labor trouble coming for the NBA this off-season, forcing a majority of the league to completely shut down player transactions this season due to the fear of union renegotiations coming soon.

The Cavs started this year with a mish-mash team with little offensive talent, and have been completely handcuffed from starting any rebuilding this season. So it’s lose time, and then go out and lose lose lose lose some more.

Hard to watch but so is 2 feet of snow and 10 degrees, again.

Going from first to worst almost never happens in sports, but Cleveland has always had a flair for the dramatic (especially in the failure department!).

Kinda feels like the natural order is restored and my underdog status is secure. I’ve been divorced and I know how to recover – better, stronger, faster.

Lebron ain’t won anything yet. The challenge still stands. Go Cadavers!