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These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For


{( WAVE ?)}. ?Jedi Magic or Near Field Communication? We shall find out soon.

I already have friends calling me my mispronounced Apple-Speech name so it should be something to see the rollout – nothing like a misfire on your paypal account to ruin a week.

I gotta say one big thing I think Star Trek missed is how all this cool gadgetry will be used for games and diversions.

Instead of the complications of building (and scheduling) an actual holodeck, seems like we will just bring the virtual reality right into real reality with us.

Foursquare, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, etc. all tracking where we are and hooking us into a fully location-aware, environmentally aware, internetly-aware, and personal-life aware device sitting right on our bodies at all times. We want our Hulu and Youtube and www and navigation and social boards/walls/twitters and all they really want from us is the ability to pry more $$ out of our accounts without us realizing it.

It’s cool though, welcome to the 21st century, one of our own making. I know mother nature could still shut it all down and start over so we just have to progress to the next level.