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If We Had A Real President…

It would be a good time in America to have real leadership. 3 years in crazytown has been interesting, but now that all hell’s breaking loose, ’tis not funny anymore (never was). If we had a real president and not a con artist game show host, maybe we’d have…

Testing kits available – South Korea is now testing 20,000 people per day. The mighty USA? We’ve tested 8,000 people TOTAL. The federal government could have been ramping up supplies since December, but nope, it was all a hoax, just more FAKE NEWS!

Expanded emergency care facilities – Republicans claim to hate government health care (except their medicare and disability), claiming that for-profit companies will serve the public’s health better than taxpayer-funded operations that they like to scare us away from by calling socialism. Except private business has no incentive, nor ability, to handle major public health problems.

Where’s private business right now? Losing it’s ass and covering it’s ass. If the government doesn’t care about your health in a pandemic, no one does (besides you). To care for many of thousands of people at once, without profit, requires government intervention, but our guy is too busy wondering how to spin this and who to blame. No new beds ready to go, 3 months in. Thanks Obama?

Official measures of social distancing – The feds could have taken the lead and gave guidance to states and industries on how to handle events and gatherings. The Feds could also have had a financial package ready for cancelled event losses before the panic. The budget for one new military program would cover all event losses for months, if they had just shifted the money around in time.

On that last note — be careful out there folks. I’m washing more and trying my best to not touch my face. If you are showing symptoms (fever, dry cough) get checked out.

Other than that, live your life.

This is a flu. It’s a nasty, new flu, but it’s still a flu.

Don’t let me into your lower respiratory module or I can crash the whole system.

It *can* kill you even though it usually doesn’t. It’s still 10x more deadly than the flu as we know it, so use well-known precautions to avoid it, and if you get it, try to avoid passing it on, and here’s to your immune system fighting it off.

There’s a pretty decent chance we can’t stop it at all, and like the German government estimates, upwards of 70% of us contract it. That leaves some pretty large numbers of fatalities if a successful vaccine isn’t disseminated in time. Pay attention to your health, folks, there looks to be a bumpy road ahead.

We don’t have a real president or a real executive branch to guide us.

The con is still on. Trump’s European properties? All happen to miss his European travel ban.

Trump’s ever important label for Covid-19? The Wuhan Chinese Corona Foreign Virus. Of course. He has someone to blame, his favorite, the foreigners.

Can’t wait for those Trump-branded testing kits made in the good-old USA, since it’s been made great again by Don The Con. How long should I wait? Is the check in the mail?

What, did I sign a contracting agreement with you? Is that why you are treating me like this?

Instead of the three things above, we have blame, hysteria, accusations of fraud, and travel bans that don’t help anyone. For instance, Europeans can still fly to America as long as they come through the UK and have a layover…. perhaps at a lovely Trump Resort?

Sick. Look at this dude in his big address to the nation. This is not a doctored photo:

Wow. Just wow. Don’t freak out people. Even though you have sufficient evidence to do so.

Listen to him when he thought he was off the air:

Then there’s this — Trump has had at least 5 people around him quarantined yet he says he’s not been tested because… well because he thinks he’s superman.

Just last week a guy who works for the Brazilian president was at Mar-a-Lago eating dinner with the whole Trump clan:

Someone at this table last week just tested positive. Yet Trump claims he doesn’t need to be tested. Probably can’t find a kit.