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Demos Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine was one of the most powerful musical statements of the 90’s. They were an early rap-rock band and one of the few that was respected by fans of both genres. Their shows were legendary.

Their hyper-militant lyrics and new style guitar tricks were never duplicated. Rage Against The Machine remains one of a kind.

Amazon Music HD has a lot of Special Edition Anniversary releases where we finally get to hear lossless versions of demos and alternate takes that didn’t make the original album.

Rage Against The Machine, 1991

Rage put one out for their amazing self-titled first album and it contains the usual live versions, alternate takes, and demos, including some songs that never were released! Very cool.

I put 5 Rage songs I’ve never heard before into a playlist and it’s a crazy listen. In some ways you can see why they were cut. Some similar ideas or too-simple lyrical turns.

In other ways, 5 RATM throwaways are better than entire catalog from some other bands. Enjoy the lost Rage!