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Impeach / Cancel / Fire This Bitch

The nightmare alternate reality where a nazi loving con man hijacks the stupid GOP and then tramples all over our constitution and sensibilities has to stop. It has to end.

There has been too much progress made in the last 200 years of our nation to have it pissed on by this dude.

The ultimate FLUKE must end. It’s been a steady degradation of everyone’s emotions and confidence in the basic tenets of life. Yeah most politicians get called criminals by someone, and some of them are.

But this freak commits crimes in the open. He brags and boasts about it. He then sues everyone and everything that tries to punish his illegality and immorality.

The pro wrestling president. Pile driving the rule of law.

In Trumpworld, facts aren’t facts. Our enemies are our friends and our friends are our enemies. The CIA, FBI, NSA? Enemies. The IRS? Enemies. State prosecutors? Enemies. The free press? Enemies.

What you thought you knew doesn’t exist anymore. Only thing that matters is agreeing with our dear leader.

Don Juan the Con.

He’s a cancer on our country.

#MAGA I’m so crooked My Attorneys Get Attorneys
Holy chit that hurts. Angry Orange isn’t going to call Fox anymore.