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Can the GOP Survive The Trump Nightmare?

There are so many former republicans these days…. I think the endgame here is 90% Never Trump America. Here’s one trying to scare the soul into his former party.

Derp. What’s worse, not taking your son to the ballgame, or taking him and hearing 50,000 baseball fans booing his dad?

Charles Sykes lays out the case for the GOP ridding itself of Trump before it’s too late:

By now it should have dawned on you that there is no escape. You are going to have to render a verdict not just on Donald’s Trump’s policies, but on his personal conduct. 

Don the Con is our national nightmare, but at least Never Trumpers are well… never trumpers. Never.

Not once did I fall for this man’s con.

It was obvious to me, around maybe 1991 or so, that Don Drumpf (his family’s true name) has no positive characteristics. He’s like a walking talking handbook on everything we tell our kids not to do. Everything he shouts about he is guilty of.

So fucking embarrassing. Nice Mussolini face.

Also trump means fart in England. I love that. Best thing about him. Donald Fart. I say it with an english accent in my head.

Sykes on our current crop of Republican Senators:

Charles Sykes, sane conservative

As you watch this reckless and unleashed presidency it may have occurred to you how much you have contributed to this moment. You have convinced Trump that he can take you for granted. The president has bullied and berated you and, again and again, you have rolled over. And it has made things only worse.

The first step to saving your life is to recognize what the monster feeds on. In this case, it’s your fear of standing up to him.

So OK people, what are we going to do about this? The key to getting rid of Trump will come down to getting 20+ Republican Senators to vote for impeachment.

There’s already 4-6 that hate him openly. Another 4-6 that are retiring or not running again.

We only need about 15 more senators. Look yours up. Check the facts. If your Senator supports this disaster let them know you are on to them.

You can use social media, email, phone calls, post your own blog, you know, do it up.

Here are the people that could get rid of Trump before Christmas.

Happy Xmas for us all! The grinch be gone!

Colorado – Sen. Gardner
Maine – Sen. Collins
North Carolina – Sen. Tillis & Sen. Burr
Arizona – Sen. McSally
Ohio – Sen. Portman
Texas – Sen. Alexander
New York – Sen. Roberts
Wyoming – Sen. Enzi
Nebraska – Sen. Sasse
Alaska – Sen. Murkowski
Georgia – Sen. Isakson
Kansas – Sen. Roberts
Utah – Sen. Romney