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Let’s Review What Trump Has Changed About America

  • There are 15 cases in the courts right now where the accused is using Trump’s rhetoric as a DEFENSE against, and justification for, their violent, criminal actions. They are quoting our president as justification for hurting other americans. In some cases they are claiming that Trump drove them to commit the act with his inflamed rhetoric.
  • There have been 5 guilty verdicts, 4 pledges of cooperation, and over 75 charges filed against Russian agents and the americans that were working with, and profiting from them, in the Trump administration. Even the presidents own lawyer has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the prosecution.
  • Our president is a babbling, lying fool who continues to stoke fear and hatred among americans. He claims a few thousand starving migrants walking north through Mexico is the same as a military invasion by Muslim extremists. Of course his racist, moron supporters buy this.
  • A hardcore supporter of Trump’s sent over 15 mailbombs to people and organizations on Trump’s most hated list, based on false information spread by right wing media. Plenty of footage of this guy enjoying himself at Trump rallies.
  • The president continues to profit openly from his family business, even taking illegal money from foreign parties through his hotels.  This is also in court (he’s openly violating something called the Emolument Clause) and Trump will probably lose the court case after he’s taken all the money (as usual).
  • Trump is now portraying all Democrats as radical wimps and enemies of the state. He’s bragging about his followers showing restraint by not beating and killing american’s against their point of view.
  • This list could go on….. so much bad news, so hard to keep it all straight.
  • Trump’s primary strategy is to throw out so much bad news and craziness that you miss how much money he’s stealing from us behind all of the crazy stories.

I’ll end with this…. both Axl Rose and Rihanna, two of the most hated music stars in america, have slammed Trump for using their music at his rallies.

They have repeatedly asked the Trump people to stop using the music but can’t get them to stop. Axl called the Trump people shitbags and Rihanna said to stop playing her music at Trump’s tragic rallies.

Tragic is the right word. Well done Rihanna, you wrote something I agree with.