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Kompromat? Follow the Money

I don’t know if there’s a Pee Pee Tape or not.  I also don’t think it would matter if so. Sadly, no one would be surprised to learn that Don John enjoyed hookers and nasty sex. No one would be surprised, including Melanija, to see what a pig he is towards women.

There’s 20 assault accusations in the courts that don’t stop him. There’s a rape and forced abortion accusation that doesn’t stop him. Countless NDA’s and forced silence agreements. Human trafficking.

There’s even audio of him bragging about assaulting women and that didn’t stop him.

Don Juan The Con. It was my nickname for him first.

So it doesn’t matter. We assume the worst with this pig. He loses no support.

Trumpers would enjoy a Pee Pee tape. They’d probably beat off to it. His support would go up. That’s what rich folks do for fun, they tell themselves. I wanna be rich. I vote for that.

Any Trump supporters left at this point truly are the bottom of the barrel.

Want to know the real leverage Russia has over our President?  Here’s a clue:

Here’s another one:

and maybe one more

“We don’t need American banks. In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

– Don Trump Jr

Look at all the Trump people drowning in Russian money:

  • Paul Manafort (in jail awaiting trial);
  • Jared Kushner
  • Michael Flynn (cooperating with prosecutors),
  • Michael Cohen (in jail awaiting trial)

Look at the ridiculous amount of Russian money spent on Trump properties. Research how they launder money through real estate purchases. Want a quick way to give Trump Russian money?  Buy a condo from him and overpay. Greatly overpay.

Look at the Russian infiltration of the NRA to help elect Trump. Sell sex with Russian redheads who love guns to old Republican pigs.

Look at the Russian attempts (successful) to meet with Trump during the campaign. Read his denials and ever-changing story.

It’s all there.

Is Trump pro-Russian and anti-American – or just worried about his money?

Putin has been Trump’s bank for a long time now.

“Set aside Putin and follow the money”: a Russia expert’s theory of the Trump scandal

Here’s an awesome breakdown of how Russia works and how Trump may be a compromised actor:

A Theory of Trump Kompromat

Why the President is so nice to Putin, even when Putin might not want him to be.