decades of fun

Goodbye Old World


I can’t shake the feeling today that someone or something died.

President Trump?

Oh My Fucking Gawd.

It’s the end of america as we know it. It’s full idiocracy now.


The Obama backlash is here. Some are calling it a whitelash.

I don’t think he’ll be sworn in. He’ll do his victory lap then the trials start.

See, he’s a con man.  A real one.  The trial for Trump University starts next month.

He also might be a rapist. If you don’t believe that woman, there’s 10+ more that will assure you he’s a sexual predator.

He’s also being sued by over 2000 other people. He ran for president to gain immunity. We shall see if it happens.

He reads Hitler books for inspiration. I swear I can’t make this stuff up, truth is always stranger than fiction with Don John.


Polite times are now past. Trump supporters are either racist sexist fools or they are good-hearted fools who have been conned every which way possible.

Heil Drumpf!


Thanks alot non-voting people.

Thanks alot millennials for Bernie.

Thanks alot women who voted for a sexual predator over another woman.

Fucking disgrace.

11/9/2016 is the darkest day in america’s recent past.

9/11/2001 was horrible but not self-inflicted.