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Good Morning Eddie

Who’s the finest electric guitarist of all time?

It’s a very short list at the very very top.

There’s likely millions of good ones, thousands of amazing ones, and probably 100’s of legends that I have heard of.


But then there’s the very top. The completely untouchable, unplayable motherfuggus that just knock people out. Done.

They make other guitar players try harder– or quit.

Mic Guitar drop.

Eddie Hazel is one of those guys.



The most genius amongst a pack of them, he blazed through the P-Funk mob from ’67-’82 then battled his addictions outside of music.

By 1990 he was on his comeback trail stronger than ever. He passed away in 1992 at the young age of 42, a medical prescription error the supposed cause, with unfinished music.




There’s lots of tributes out there. This one always gets me.

It’s Bootsy’s tribute track just a few short years after Eddie’s passing. Beautiful.



Why did I flip the title? Good morning shows us the future is bright.

“Good morning Eddie” because I know through music education our youth and ignorant adults will know geniuses like Edward Earl Hazel.

They will live forever. They will be studied academically, spiritually, and musically.

They are the 20th century masters.




If you want a pure dose of Eddie Hazel mastery, check out this track from his first solo LP Games Dames & Guitar Thangs: