decades of fun

Biff Trump

A rich blowhard that does whatever he wants by shouting what a loser everyone else is. He answers to no one, accepts no logic or premise, has no obvious intelligence or skill, just lots of money and confidence.

It’s Biff Tannen running for president, and enough people in 2015 are crazy enough to actually consider voting for him. Total cult of personality.

What does he stand for? Why is he running?  To make things great again. To make them super. Or better than ever before. You’ll see! Just wait. Everyone else is too weak and lame, only I can save you from yourselves. Because I’m rich, obviously.

Too much haterade

The republicans dropped and dissed all their usual favorites for this former democrat because he’s the loudest and the craziest. They really dig that over there.

Trump is actually far more gaudy and self-promoting than Biff ever was. Reality stranger than fiction, yet again.

Watching yourself on TV, putting your name across a museum, college, cologne, steak, and skyscrapers all over the world, in as large a font as humanly possible.  BIFF! Biff?

The one thing about the Republicans you can count on – they usually go against societal trends to their own detriment. Society has been moving away from accepting bullying, both physical and verbal, yet Republicans think they are being attacked because their beloved rude and divisive language is now socially unacceptable.

No big surprise the biggest, richest bully would lead them. They need to be told what to think and the Donald loves telling people what they should think. When he calls them all losers for not giving him the white house it should be fun TV.

Biff Tannen runs America. Sorry Marty.