decades of fun

Another Great Goes Young

Heroin is making a killing these days. Stay clear of the death, please, and if you know someone that needs help reach out. Be safe, be smart, and don’t be a fool. Things that can kill you are not to be trifled with! For a buzz?

If you need that edge of thrill then ride your bike around the city or take up skydiving. I also suggest musical therapy as a cure-all.

But let’s remember those weaker than us that took the plunge and never returned. It’s hard out there these days. Lots of lying and self-gratifying mirages.

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman, a young and accomplished 46, found dead with needle dangling. Early reports say the poor man was clean for 23 years and then this. I’ve been told it never leaves you, which is the best reason ever for not trying it.