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Right Wing Racism In Full Display – Megyn Kelly Confirms Santa Is White

Yesterday on Fox News:

‘Kids – Santa was a white man, as was Jesus. They are historical figures. Just because it makes you uncomfortable as an African-American doesn’t mean you can change it. ‘ or something along those lines. Crazy talk yet again.


Fact #1: Santa is a mythical character, based on several legends, none of whom were “white men”. The Santa Claus that we most often see in America is based on a fatter, more jolly version of the German drawing of the character. I call him the Coca-Cola Santa Claus.

Fact #2: Jesus, whether mythical or not, lived his entire life in the Mesopotamia Palestine region, where there are very few native “white men” with blue eyes and thin light-brown hair. The Jesus that most white americans see depicted was painted by European artists and looks to be a fully European man.

Well Megyn, if Jesus is white that makes God white, right? Or at least pre-disposed to loving those that share the skin tone of his only child? That’s Straight Racist Yo. This woman should be fired.

Can you believe that the three other people sat there with a straight face when she said that. In my world, you’d be laughed out the room, if not called a fucking racist first, for claiming you know the ethnicity of a fictional character and the son of God.

What race are the elves Megyn? What breed are the flying deer? Is White Santa legally allowed to whip them?

And for the Tea Partiers – how do you feel about a fat man in a red suit flying from russian airspace right into your chimney? Shoot that red bastard! When I was a kid our chimney went to the furnace, just sayin’.