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Bernie Worrell Achieves Elevation

If you know this site you know I’m a huge fan of Bernie Worrell. I think he’s one of the finest keyboardists ever – legendary – of all time – because of his note selection, his melodic composition, and the playful joy that he does not suppress in his playing.

Bernie seemingly has done everything and played with everyone in his 40+ years as a musician and recording artist. But there’s something primal about the keyboard that he never did until now – release a record consisting of just him and a piano.

That’s right – The Wizard of Woo, the master of the Moog, Aladdin of the Arp – the man that is as responsible for us looking to space for inspiration as Star Wars, has never released even a single song of just him and his piano.

Funkateers – marvel in the primal rawness of it all – you ever wonder what Bernie’s fingers really sounds like? You ever wonder if those melodies, lines, even his playing style translates to the grand?

Here’s the new album, and it’s heavy: Elevation: Upper Air – Bernie Worrell – Solo Piano. He does a number of classics, including one of his own, and you really get to hear the genius player like never before.

Every note, every line, every touch is nearly perfect. Bernie on a piano is a beautiful listen. Search your music service to see if it’s available. I’m going to try to pick it up on hi-def audio to hear that whole piano!