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Oh My Obamacare, Part 1: Introduction To The Guinea Pig

O-My! I’m planning on signing up for Obamacare. I might insure my whole family through it. I voted for it and have waited for it for a while now.

And since this is so controversial and full of BS reporting, I’ve decided to blog the whole thing. Why not use the internet for some actual sharing outside the usual crap?

So the whole thing should start around October 1 2013 when my state opens it’s exchanges to people like me.

I plan on reporting to good, bad, and ugly of the process. To follow along, I’m turning on the category “Obamacare” and will tag everything as such.

I for one look forward to a fresh start, coverage for my pre-existing injuries, and the answer to whether the federal government can create a system worse than what we currently have.

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