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The Dynamic Game


Cleveland fans loved Lebron like no one else, and they have been watching his every move since he bolted to form the evil big three with soft Chris Bosh and the rapidly aging Dwyane Wade. The Heat couldn’t get the ring their first year together, and in their second year together they drew a virginal finals opponent and collected their first ring. Now it’s year 3 after a dominating regular season, and the Heat look very beatable.

Back in the day ‘Bron promised to win 1 ring for Cleveland. When he arrived in Miami, promise unfulfilled, he told his new “fans” they would win 5, 6, 7 rings. And he wonders why people doubt him?

Now ring 2 looks to be getting sized for someone else, and folks are wondering if an elimination by the Heat in year 3 signifies a failure of Lebron’s grand plan. If it somehow represents salvation, or at least ‘told you so’ -ability for Cleveland fans.

I’m not sure if it does, but this story lays out the past, present, and possible future ramifications of tonight’s game 7 better than I can. This guy nails the key points and the emotions behind the money and stats. Give it a read and get ready for some real basketball entertainment tonight, including a possible sighting of the rare cleveland redemption.

We witnessed alot back then – the best talent in basketball growing into a dominant player, an MVP, a leader, and yet still somehow he left you wanting. Too much burdon on his wide shoulders, too much fragility in his psyche? Unknown. But Cleveland fans saw him quit and watched him clown us, then disrespect his former Cavs teammates (themselves an overachieving bunch) once in Miami.

Has Anyone Ever Faced a Bigger Game 7 Than LeBron James in 2013 vs. Pacers?