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NRA Logic

1 – If a criminal can break a law, then we shouldn’t create that law in the first place.

2 – Your child should have several armed guards watching them at all times.

3 – Your house/apartment, car, and person should be protected by high-caliber handguns displayed openly.

This is the world these NRA people wish to create (or perhaps the hellish world that they already live in?).

The idiots don’t see that #1 makes all law irrelevant. This is anarchy, not freedom. #2 would terrify any child, and #3 terrifies the rest of us.


My solution is to amend the 2nd amendment, specifying that gun ownership requires you to be part of the state militia – complete with background checks, criminal reviews, mental health updates, and weapon safety training. Plus you get to go to an annual “militia-week” event where you and your fellow wannabee soldiers get to slog around in the forest and live like Bear Grils with a smartphone, firing your wannabee soldier rifles at cardboard bad guys invading america. Stand vigilant, mighty militia, we might need you if Russia invades!

Local and state law enforcement is given all the who/what/where/when data on your guns. Your initial purchase can’t be more than ?a pee-shooter (a home protector). If, and only if,?you’ve been a militia member in good standing for years and have no violent arrest history, or are a licensed game hunter also without a violent arrest record, you can qualify for the bigger guns.

Your first arrest dealing with violence or mental issues – your gun is confiscated. If you can’t provide that gun you do time for “losing” it. If that gun is subsequently used to commit a crime you are charged for a portion of that crime.

Overall, it’s far too easy to own a massive gun, to own massive upgrades to it, and to own many of them at once in America without any consequence of bringing them into our communities. It’s actually easier now than it’s been in a long time! All of the other countries have video games, and most of them have violent movies and television as well, but only in America do we legally allow complete arsenals of military-grade weapons to be purchased at the grocery store.

Gun love is a sickness for many people in this country. The quicker we can admit that and move towards a solution the better we will be. It’s no surprise that the only place where technology is mentioned in our 200+ year old constitution is wildly out of date.