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Electrofunk Rises Again – Classic Midnight Star

What I call electrofunk was hip-hop dance music created in the early 80’s, reflecting and using the first generation of affordable computers to help make this modern sounding music.

In 2013 the most popular music of the moment is called dubstep, a modern take on electrofunk mixed with classic house gimmicks, all pushed through so much compression and digital twitching that even a low quality stream of audio will attempt to melt your speakers.


Dubstep makes my ears tired after the first 2 minutes, but classic electrofunk still has enough swagger and songwriting to deliver.

So while I don’t post any dubstep because to my ears it’s production is horrible and it uses funk concepts to cover up the A.D.D. composition and lack of instrumentation, I do love some classic electrofunk.

Here’s one of the old gems: Midnight Star’s Electricity:

I just wish modern producers tried writing proper hooks and melodies.  The overly-digital hyphy-production is one thing, but a well written song can overcome such gimmicks.

Not many well written new songs these days.